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Having little to no equity is a common problem for many Home Sellers right now.

Many times, Sellers will try to sell their house on their own as a FSBO (for sale by owner), typically with not much luck, as the majority of FSBO’s on the market go unsold.

The next step is to then list their home with a Realtor.  But because there’s usually not enough equity to cover commissions and closing costs, many Realtors will not take the listing – unless the Seller is willing to write a check in order to get their home sold.

Now if a Realtor does take the listing, and the Seller is not willing to come out of pocket to sell, they typically have to increase the asking price to cover their commission and the Sellers closing costs.

The problem?

The price of the home is now over-priced and above market value, which makes it more difficult to sell.  And even if the Realtor does find a potential buyer, another problem is that the house will not appraise, so the prospective purchaser will not be able to obtain bank financing.

So what else can a Seller do to sell their home fast if they have little to no equity?  Or even negative equity?

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